Leandrop is the hottest and newest fashion brand made by a couple young entrepreneurs concerned about climate change. Leandrop is an environment friendly clothing brand made from sustainable materials like hemp and bamboo. According to the creators of the brand, a single sweater saves over 5000 liters of water, lasts upwards of 2 decades and is completely biodegradable.

According to the creators of Leandrop, most of the clothing produced today is poor quality and designed to be worn for only short periods of time. This causes people to buy more of the clothes at the cost of producing a ton of waste. Leandrop aims to remedy this problem. The remedy starts with their process of creating the clothing. The clothing is made from materials that require 75% less water when compared to cotton. This bamboo and hemp are also harvested naturally from locations that are suitable for the plants. One of the creators also stated that since they are harvesting from natural locations, there is no need for extra irrigation which would possibly harm the environment. On top of all this, the company claims that their clothing will last 10x longer than any cotton shirt and once you are done with it, it is 100% biodegradable.

Currently Leandrop is on Kickstarter and is about $300 away from their pledged goal. Anyone can go online and donate as little as a $1 to support this revolutionary company. Depending on your donation you can receive anything from some bamboo socks to their hemp sweaters.

Companies like Leandrop are revolutionizing the fashion industry. Their sustainability and efficiency are key to ensuring climate change doesn’t ruin the planet we live on. Go and support them below!

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