In a new survey from Civic Science, it was found that roughly 21% of dry January participants used cannabis instead of alcohol. More than a fifth of all participants in the survey admitted to completely swapping out cannabis for alcohol throughout the entire month of January. These cannabis products include CBD products as well as various THC products.

Within this survey, it was noted that roughly 33% were not using any type of substitute for alcohol. 60% of participants claimed to be using a combination of CBD/THC as well as seltzer and soda products to cut out the alcohol.

Breaking down this survey by age group is quite interesting, Respondents aged 21-24 were most likely to substitute cannabis for alcohol with 34% of them saying weed is the preferred option. Compared to other age groups, 24% had the same response from ages 25-34 and 22% from 35-54 years old. Only 6% of respondents 55 and up said likewise.

Read the whole article from Forbes here.

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