Wyoming marijuana activists have turned their focus to the 2024 ballot, hoping for decriminalization and cannabis initiatives. According to research done by Marijuanamoment, activists in Wyoming have collected thousands of signatures for a pair of ballot initiatives that would decriminalize the drug and legalize medical cannabis. Although they don’t believe they will have enough signatures for the 2022 ballot deadline, they are confident that their legislature will be on the 2024 ballot.

There have been many different issues revolving around their lack of signatures, these include the ongoing pandemic, late approval by senators, and other things. The groups have stated that pushing legalization with all these setbacks has been challenging but they will continue.

Apollo Pazell, chief strategist for the activist’s campaigns stated they were looking to, “keep teams on the ground [to collect signatures] through the holiday season, and we may have made it, but the uncertainty was too much in my opinion.” And “we will push for legislative action this session and next and fall back to the 2024 election if the legislators refuse to pass something workable.”

When it comes to decriminalizing, the activists are pushing for a 4-ounce maximum possession per person with small fines ranging from $50-75$ and no jail time if caught. Posessing more than 4oz will result in a $500 fine. They also want to impose a $200 fine for cultivating marijuana.

Last March, a bill to regulate and legalize cannabis in Wyoming reached the House committee but did not go any further. Many of the citizens within Wyoming support this groups actions to legalize and decriminalize marijuana. In 2024 the US will be able to see if this groups actions have paid off.

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