Marijuana usage in the United States is a historically skeptical concept. But as of recently, states are legalizing, businesses are adapting, and more every day people are choosing to consume. This can be seen with recent research findings. According to the federal government and Fox News, positive marijuana tests are at all time highs. The Average American is consuming marijuana at a higher rate then ever before in history.

The problem here is that although more Americans are smoking weed, there are still strict federal regulations on jobs and other businesses relating to marijuana use. This includes federal jobs where many Americans who smoke weed refuse to apply due to cannabis policies. According to Fox News, positive results for marijuana tests are at all-time highs with 7.3% of the workforce testing positive during drug tests. This is higher than the 6.7% mark in 2021. This research took a sample of over 10.6 million drug tests including urine, hair, and oral-fluid tests. This increase in positive marijuana tests is correlated with states legalizing the drug recreationally.

The federal government released their numbers on the issue recently showing that over 30% of people between the ages of 18-30 are refusing to apply for government jobs due to their cannabis policies. Due to the government requiring applicants to pass drug tests, those who actively partake in a completely legal practice are disqualified. Even those who do choose to apply are often turned down after a positive test.

In order to solve this labor crisis in the federal government, the regulations need to be changed. It is quite obvious that allowing applicants to consume is the first step. With federal legalization on the door step and a new state legalizing cannabis each year, there is no other option unless the federal government wants no new workers.

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