Cannabis is finally making its way into southeast Asia. Berner, creator of the famous Cookies Brand cannabis company has worked his way into the market in Thailand. As of last week, Berner posted multiple pictures and videos describing his trip to Thailand, a country historically anti-marijuana. But as of recently, laws have changed, opening their doors to the legal cannabis market. Berner and his brand have opened multiple dispensaries in the countries capital Bangkok, marking a large step for cannabis in the region.

Last June, Thailand passed legislation that legalized many types of medical marijuana as well as cannabis in culinary practices. The government struck down the law criminalizing marijuana completely and removed the drug from a list of banned narcotics for use or distribution. Although the drug is decriminalized, there are still plenty of restrictions such as banning the sale to those who are pregnant as well as those under the age of 20.

Berner’s company Cookiez moving into the region is a large step for the cannabis industry. With the countries first large retail brand entering the capital, this could open the door for widespread use and distribution of the drug. In Berner’s Instagram post about the opening, he was humble, grateful, and pleased that the country opened their doors to his business.

Thailand hopes that with the implementation of cannabis in their region, it will expand tourism for the country. Their hopes are that many new young people choose to travel to the area not only for culture, but for cannabis as well. Thailand has always historically been open to travelers around the globe, this venture into cannabis may give them the push they are looking for to be a hot tourist destination.

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