Connecticut has finally legalized marijuana after years of lobbying, persuasion, and effort being dumped into the state. Governor Ned Lamont signed a bill on Tuesday making Connecticut the 19th state to legalize the recreational use of the drug.

Under the new law, people aged 21 and older will be allowed to possess and consume marijuana after July 1st. This new law also sets out future plans for the cannabis industry in Connecticut by addressing racial inequities coming from the war on drugs.

Specifically, this law allows individuals 21 or older to possess 1.5 ounces of cannabis and up to 5 ounces in a locked container at home, or in a locked container in a person’s glovebox and trunk.

50% of selling licenses have been reserved for equity applicants and up to 75% of the revenue will be put towards equity and community reinvestment efforts.

Many republicans and a few democrats in the state have voiced their concerns regarding the bill, stating “legalization will have “harmful, even devastating effects,” especially on the state’s younger populations.”

Time will tell what legalization means for Connecticut. Many other states who have legalized have already seen decreased drug possession crimes and boosted income through tax revenue, let’s hope Connecticut sees the same.

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