Update: Governor Holcolm signed HR 1148 into law on 4/26.

Update: Governor Erin Holcolm has stated publicly that he will sign HB 1148 into law.

Update: House Bill 1148 awaits action from the Governor. The finalized version of the bill establishes a patient registry permitting those with a physician’s diagnosis of intractable epilepsy to possess CBD formulations that possess at least five percent cannabidiol and no more than three-tenths percent THC. 

House and Senate lawmakers have approved separate versions of legislation (House Bill 1148 and Senate Bill 15) to exempt criminal penalties for the possession of CBD extracts by qualified patients.

Both bills seek to exempt penalties for the use of CBD extracts by patients with treatment resistant epilepsy. The bills differ regarding whether or not the state ought to establish a patient registry and with regard to the percentage of CBD that must be present in order for the substance to qualify as exempt under state law.

Lawmakers rejected similar proposals in previous legislative sessions.

If enacted into law, 46 states will allow either the use of marijuana, cannabis-infused products, or CBD products.

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