In Colorado and many other states around the US, there is a rising problem with dogs getting high. Many Americans believe that it is ok to do things like blow smoke in their dog’s face or ears. Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not enjoy getting high like many of their owners. Even though this is the harsh reality of the situation, many dog owners continuously try to get their canines high whenever possible.

According to multiple different vets across the US, dogs have a terrible trip whenever they are subjected to marijuana smoke. Not only does the smoke burn their eyes, but the psychoactive substance that gets humans high harms the dogs. Since legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado back in 2012, cases of toxicity in animals increased significantly within the state’s borders.

The Northfield Veterinary Hospital had this to say about canines and cannabis, “Imagine your concern if you came home to find your dog unable to walk, unresponsive, or in a coma… This is becoming more common as marijuana begins to lose its illicit status, at least in some areas of the world. As the decriminalization and even legalization of marijuana has occurred, cases of toxicity in animals have unfortunately increased.”

Over the last few years, dozens of news stories emerged about dogs getting sick from cannabis. This was never the case before legalization. The problem though is not legalization, but a lack of care and knowledge from dog owners. If you are going to smoke cannabis in your home, do not let your dog near or risk harming them.

The good news about the situation though is besides a few extreme cases, dogs usually survive the ordeal, leaving their owners with a large vet tab. So in conclusion, smoking weed is fine, just keep your dogs out of it.

Read the unedited article from Newsbreak here.

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