Did you know that NORML is the only consumer-focused, grassroots-funded organization working to reform marijuana laws and protect the rights of responsible adult consumers? And, that it’s the generosity and commitment of thousands of Americans like you that keeps us fighting and winning the battle for cannabis freedom? That’s why it’s critical that you join NORML for 2024 and help ensure we have the resources to keep representing YOU.

Looking back over just the past few months, you can see just how our work together has paid dividends.


Delaware, Minnesota, and Ohio legalized marijuana for adults, while Kentucky legalized medical cannabis access. Now, more than half of the US population reside in a jurisdiction where marijuana is legal, and 38 states provide for medical access.


Four states – California, Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington – enacted legislation limiting marijuana testing for employees. These states join Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Montana,  New JerseyNew York, Nevada, and Rhode Island – all of which have taken steps in recent years to end workplace discrimination against those who use cannabis while away from the job.


Additional states – including Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, and Missouri – took action to expunge the records of those with past convictions for marijuana offenses. In all, an estimated 1.8 million consumers have now had their criminal records expunged nationwide.


According to the latest nationwide polling data by Gallup, a record 70 percent of adults now believe that marijuana should be legal. This is the highest level of support ever reported, and it is a 19 percent increase in support since 2014 – when the first two states adopted adult-use legalization.

Indeed, the fight to end prohibition is alive and well, and we have greater momentum than ever before. But we cannot rest on our laurels. In 2024, NORML’s fight for cannabis freedom will continue in state legislatures nationwide. In addition, we must also keep the pressure on federally, building new alliances with incoming politicians, growing the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, and finding common ground on pro-reform policies that we can pass through Congress.

Your membership and advocacy, from writing and calling your lawmakers, to educating your friends and family, and showing up at chapter meetings and state lobby days, is what makes our progress possible. Together, we will make 2024 another historic year for cannabis freedom.

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