*MJBizCon 2023 in Las Vegas: A Cannabis Extravaganza with a Flare for Entertainment*

Las Vegas will play host to the cannabis industry’s premier event, MJBizCon, next week, transforming the city into a hub of innovation, networking, and celebration. Often hailed as the SXSW of the cannabis world, MJBizCon will not only showcase cutting-edge developments in the industry but will also offer a myriad of special events to complement the main trade show. The festivities will unfold from November 28 to December 1, turning the city into a haven for cannabis enthusiasts.

*Tuesday, Nov. 28: A Grand Kickoff*

The week will begin with a flourish of events, ranging from philanthropic endeavors to exclusive mixers. The Blood Sweat and Tears Cannabis Philanthropist Awards will set the tone at the Strat Hotel, drawing industry leaders committed to making a positive impact. Meanwhile, the Blunt Brunch at IPEC Las Vegas and the Blinc Group Mixer at Sahara will provide exclusive settings for networking and collaboration, the latter being an invite-only affair. FlowerHire Smoke and Magic at Nine Twenty will enchant attendees who have RSVP’d in advance. The MJBiz & reMind Opening Night Afterparty at Omnia Nightclub, as well as New Mexico Night at Conrad Resorts World, will add a touch of glamour and excitement. The Sensi & Hearst MJBiz Kickoff at The Mob Museum will be equally compelling, blending industry insights with a touch of Vegas flair.

*Wednesday, Nov. 29: Diverse Experiences and Elevated Soirees*

Wednesday will see a diverse range of events catering to various tastes. Buds & Biz: A Social Soiree will take over the Fremont Country Club and Backstage Bar & Billiards, offering a social space for attendees. The Diversity in Cannabis Experience (D.I.C.E.) Mixer, featuring Chief Rocker Busy Bee, will bring a unique blend of culture and industry together. For those seeking a more exclusive setting, the Hemp Industry Meetup at a private mansion will require a coveted RSVP. High Hibachi: A Japanese Elevated Luxury Sesh will provide a unique experience at a private retreat for those willing to indulge in a $175 ticket. NuWu Cannabis Sky High Lounge will host the Jack Herer Cup, featuring Luniz, while various private events such as Mansion on High and PolkaDot Presents Activated will add an air of exclusivity to the evening. The Grasslands Party and The Midwest to the West at Virgin Hotels will offer diverse experiences, while The Underground Party will cater to those seeking a free-spirited celebration.

*Thursday, Nov. 30: Brunches, Awards, and Entertainment Galore*

As the week continues, MJBizCon will continue to surprise and delight attendees. The Candy Battle Royale at a private mansion and the Cannabis Marketing Mimosa Meetup and Bagel Bash at Siegel’s Bagelmania will add culinary delights to the mix. The morning will begin with the Jews in Weed Bagel Bash at The Cosmopolitan, providing a unique networking opportunity. The Emjays at the Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort will add an element of awards and recognition to the event, with an official afterparty at KAOS West allowing attendees to let loose. The Women’s Canna Awards Brunch and Blaze at Alexxa’s will bring a touch of empowerment and celebration to round off the week.

MJBizCon 2023 will live up to its reputation, not just as a trade show but as a celebration of the cannabis industry’s vibrancy, diversity, and potential. As the curtains fall on this year’s event, attendees will be left with memories of a week filled with innovation, networking, and unforgettable experiences.

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