Update: HB 529 was tabled in the House Taxation Committee on 3/31. However, separate legislation imposing new taxes on gross sales of medical cannabis, SB 333 awaits action from the Governor and is expected to be signed into law.

Update: HB 529 was tabled in the House Taxation Committee.

Update: Members of the House Taxation Committee heard testimony on the bill on March 15. Most witnesses testified against the bill.

House Bill 529 imposes a special six percent statewide tax upon medical marijuana sales. This tax would be in addition to the imposition of existing state and local taxes.

While NORML generally does not oppose the imposition of fair and reasonable sales taxes on the commercial sales of cannabis for recreational purposes, we do not support such excessive taxation on medical sales. Most other states that regulate medical cannabis sales do not impose such taxes and Montana patients should not be forced to pay these excessive costs.

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