The European Journal for Chemistry has just released a huge paper that shows how deep the connection really is between humans and marijuana.

The first use the authors found was 10,000 years ago, using hemp fiber for rope and goods. This was back in Mesopotamia, then China and Kazakhstan 4,000 years later. It may have even been the first plant used for non-food purposes.

As for when we started inhaling the plant, it seems around 3,000 years ago is when this became more prominent.

“The first people to use Cannabis as both a therapeutic and a narcotic tool were from the Indian region, circa 1000 years BCE, mainly because of its religious connotations. The two purposes were often linked. Described in the Vedas as one of the five sacred plants, it was believed to have arisen from a drop of amrita (sacred nectar) that fell from heaven onto the earth and was able to bring joy and freedom to those who used it.”

There have been so many uses of marijuana over many thousands of years, including incense for funerals, as an analgesic, and more celebratory uses for weddings and gatherings.

As it becomes more clear that our species has evolved with this plant, it becomes more difficult to find logic in the prohibition of its use.

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