New York City has officially opened their first permanent cannabis museum. This museum, in Soho is filled with trippy art exhibits, live plants, historical lessons and other exhibits that highlight the story of cannabis around the world and in the United States. Along with all their exhibits, most of the museum is powered by AI and features live plants throughout.

CEO and co-founder of the House of Cannabis Robert Grey spoke with news outlets about his new museum. “We thought it’d be a great opportunity to come to New York with the cannabis market about to really take off here and become the epicenter for cannabis in America,” The House of Cannabis is supposedly a “Cultural Center” where both tourists and locals can “Learn a little bit more about cannabis and how it touches art and film and fashion and music.”

The foundation also plans to make a difference in the local communities by employing many previously incarcerated individuals. Roughly 1/5 of all employees at this museum have been previously incarcerated, mostly with marijuana related crimes.

From People magazine, where Grey was interviewed, he went over all the main exhibits in the gallery.

  • Disorientation: A multimedia exhibit focusing on the history of cannabis and its effect on pop culture
  • The Euphorium: A massive Spinning LP room focused on the music that intertwines with cannabis culture.
  • The Forum: An exhibit focused on the effect of law enforcement, race, and legality of cannabis.
  • The Joint: An art exhibit focused mainly on the ever-changing art produced and related to cannabis culture.
  • The Grow: Focusing on the growing of cannabis and the precise methods and atmosphere needed to support the fascinating life cycle.
  • The Microverse: The intricate working of the cannabis atom.

These are just half of all the main exhibits focused on within the cannabis museum. There are many more large exhibits and other small ones included within the tour. Next time you’re in Soho make sure to swing by this new hotspot.

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