Cannabis research is a long and windy road. There was a time where some studies were potentially pointing to a better outcome for Covid patients who ingested cannabis by reducing inflammation and lung damage.

But with more time and attention brought to the studies, it seems that was a bit of a pipe dream.

A new study was published on the JAMA Network showing that out of more than 72,000 patients surveyed, those who smoke marijuana were more susceptible to hospitalization and being put in the intensive care unit than those who did not smoke after controlling for other factors.

This is certainly the intuitive outcome of smoking and what that does to your lungs. It was an interesting and exciting outcome to think that ultimately the reduction of inflammation was more beneficial than smoke in your lungs was harmful, but it seems that’s not the case.

There are many other areas of interest when it comes to cannabis research, including whether or not it leads to a higher risk of psychosis for those who smoke high THC plant. If anything, the flip-flopping on this case should be reason to not anchor yourself to any one study and wait until there are a decent amount of opinions creating some sort of consensus.

Read the study at JAMA Network.

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