It’s been a bit since we’ve heard from the Oval Office on their view of marijuana. In the meantime, marijuana has only grown more popular and the issue of legalization more pressing.

Due to the vote in Ohio, the press secretary at the White House was asked about Biden’s stance on the legalization agenda.

“The president put out his stance on marijuana about a year and a half ago. Nothing has changed there. I will leave it to the people of Ohio to decide on how they’re going to move forward with their own Constitution, but I’m just not going to speak to it further. We’ve been very clear, said Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

So where does the President stand?

Last time we checked, President Biden prefers to keep it in the hands of the states. He opposes federal legalization yet doesn’t think it belongs in Schedule I. A review of where marijuana belongs in the Controlled Substances Act was done by the HHS before moving to the DEA, where it is ongoing now. The HHS recommended moving marijuana to Schedule III, and if the DEA agrees, it’s most likely that this is the move we’ll see from Biden before he leaves office.

He also enacted a mass pardon of federal marijuana convictions last year. So while some actions have been taken, it seems like his biggest move will come sometime next year when he moves marijuana from Schedule I to III. This will enable a very regulated legal market across the country, and some of the finer ripple effects would be widespread, including what would happen to the thousands of retail stores already in operation.

But no, the Ohio vote has changed nothing for our president.

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