Twitch has been known to enact some pretty strict guidelines on the service. Understandably so, considering most of the audience is teenagers. However, with strict guidelines comes a constant re-evaluation of these guidelines, and we’re now caught in the middle of a frustrating iteration.

Twitch’s new policy has rolled back any streamer sponsorships, product placements, endorsements, and paid unboxing of alcohol companies as long as the content is tagged as mature.

Cannabis joins the ranks of banned content, including weapons, adult content, tobacco, and political content.

Some of the confusion stems from Twitch being owned by Amazon, who has lobbied for cannabis federal reform. One would think Twitch would be the perfect platform to showcase their advocacy.

Cannabis advertisement is all over the place on social media platforms, and the changing ways at Twitch exemplifies the confusion. As of now, it seems Twitter is the most accepting website for talk and promotion of cannabis.

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