For quite some time now, veterans in the state of North Carolina have been lobbying for legal medical marijuana. These relatively conservative groups are taking a liberal stance on the matter, asking for state legislature to legalize the use of the drug. According to Stars and Stripes, former Marine Corps gunnery sergeant Chayse Roth is advocating for a bill that allows veterans with PTSD and other debilitating conditions to use marijuana for treatment.

In an interview with Roth, he stated “I’ve lost more men to suicide since we went to Afghanistan in ’01 than I have in combat…It’s just unacceptable for these guys to go overseas and win the battle and come home and lose the battle to themselves.” Roth isn’t alone though, there are many others who share his mindset. Roth is part of a group made up of veterans and their families named Families for Medical Cannabis.

In the republican controlled government of North Carolina, marijuana legalization seems like a long shot. Many political experts in the area say that due to the governments respect for veterans, this Families for Medical Cannabis may be the states best shot at convincing the conservative ran parliament to change the laws.

North Carolina isn’t the only state to have veterans supporting legalization either. In Alabama, Texas, and Louisiana, veterans played their fair share in advocating for legalization programs. Currently there are still 13 states that prohibit the use of medical marijuana. Time will tell what is to come of these states but one thing is for sure, veterans will play a huge roll in legalization.

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