Later in 2024, Mitch McConnell will no longer be the leader of the Republican senate. That’s good for a number of reasons, mainly because his mind seems to be a bit shaky. But also because he’s been a huge block for marijuana reform ever since he’s held the post.

Marijuana Moment has posted a look into his record and who could replace him. Ultimately, it’s not super optimistic.

For one, we’ve got John Thune from South Dakota as a potential replacement, and he has rejected the banking bill from moving forward numerous times. He has also called an effort to create legislation for marijuana legalization a “gap in priorities”.

Next up is John Cornyn from Texas who has consistently been reticent to support any sort of marijuana reform, including the banking bill.

There are a few others, but the results remain the same. The Senate is defended by the old guard, and the old guard doesn’t want anything to do with marijuana. So while it’s great that Mitch McConnell is getting out of the way, the replacements don’t have much new to offer.

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