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Mississippi: Medical Organizations Join Legal Fight to Overturn Election Result Legalizing Medical Cannabis Access

By | January 15th, 2021|Medical Marijuana|

Legal Marijuana Sales Spiked Dramatically in 2020

By | January 14th, 2021|All Categories|

Survey: Most Americans Say Marijuana Possesses Less Abuse Potential Than Alcohol

By | January 12th, 2021|Lifestyle, Medical Marijuana, Politics|

South Dakota: Republican Governor Officially Backing Litigation to Reject Voter-Approved Marijuana Legalization Initiative

By | January 11th, 2021|Medical Marijuana, Politics|

California: No Uptick in Frequency of Marijuana Use by Young Adults Following Adult-Use Legalization

By | January 8th, 2021|Politics|

Study: Marijuana Use Not Associated with Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

By | January 8th, 2021|Medical Marijuana|

Likely Senate Power Shift and What It Means for the Prospects of Marijuana Policy Reform, NORML Responds

By | January 6th, 2021|Medical Marijuana, Politics|

Montana: Adult-Use Legalization Law Takes Effect

By | January 1st, 2021|All Categories|

New Jersey: Governor Delays Signing Adult-Use Legalization Legislation

By | December 30th, 2020|Politics|

Congressional Package Repeals Ban on Student Aid to Those with Past Drug Convictions

By | December 22nd, 2020|Politics|

2020 NORML Victories

By | December 21st, 2020|Politics|

Study: Long-Term Cannabis Use Associated with Reduced Symptoms in Patients with Post-Traumatic Stress

By | December 18th, 2020|Medical Marijuana|

Record Number of Scientific Papers Published in 2020 About Cannabis

By | December 16th, 2020|Medical Marijuana|

Senate Passes Bill Authorizing Attorney General to Increase Number of Federally Licensed Cannabis Providers

By | December 16th, 2020|Politics|

Monitoring the Future Study: No Increase in Youth Marijuana Use Following Statewide Legalization

By | December 15th, 2020|Politics|

House Passes Bipartisan Bill Facilitating Clinical Cannabis Research, Allowing Scientists to Access State-Approved Marijuana Products

By | December 9th, 2020|Lifestyle, Medical Marijuana, Politics|

Survey: Supermajority of Americans Support Expunging Marijuana-Related Convictions

By | December 8th, 2020|Politics|

Legalize It: The Path to Cannabis Equity in Virginia

By | December 8th, 2020|Politics|

House of Representatives to Vote on Legislation to Facilitate Clinical Research Studies Using State-Authorized Marijuana Products

By | December 7th, 2020|Politics|

Tomorrow: Federal Marijuana Vote

By | December 3rd, 2020|Medical Marijuana, Politics|

MORE Act Approved by House Rules Committee

By | December 2nd, 2020|Politics|

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