Fall ’23 intern Gloria-Jean Cutsforth

I am interning with NORML so that I can be involved with an organization that shares the same values and goals that I prioritize. This organization has been, and continues to be, at the forefront of marijuana consumer advocacy. I support and aim for a future where cannabis use is  federally recognized legalization and where cannabis policies are science and evidence-based. NORML is a great resource for understanding what this  future may look like and how we can achieve it. 

Growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, marijuana use was never really conveyed to me as either taboo or as something that warrants punishment or shame. I understood the unfair extent to which marijuana consumers have been poorly treated from reading national news and talking with my peers. The inequities faced by many cannabis consumers did not make sense to me, considering how our government and culture view other substances and medicines. Throughout this semester, I hope to better understand the history of our country’s relationship with cannabis and what needs to be done to further progress.

Accepting the opportunity to intern for NORML was a clear and easy choice. I look forward to gaining a deeper understanding of marijuana policy and research. I plan to holistically apply what I gain from this experience to my future public policy and advocacy endeavors.

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