In the coming days, members of the House and Senate could take action on multiple important federal cannabis bills.

The House Oversight Committee will be holding a markup hearing on the CURE Act this Wednesday. The legislation prevents people from being denied federal employment or security clearances solely due to cannabis use and allows those who have faced this kind of discrimination in the past to appeal their cases.

Later this month, members of the Senate Banking Committee are expected to hold a markup session on the SAFE Banking Act. Speaking recently with NBC, bill sponsor Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) affirmed, “We’ve got the votes to get it passed.”

With corporate cannabis increasingly crowding the seats at the table, it is vital that federal lawmakers also hear loudly and clearly from the only national organization that represents cannabis consumers: NORML. Your support helps us pivot the conversation from ‘what’s best for business’ to ‘what’s best for the consumer.’ 

Your support also helps NORML push back against out-of-touch prohibitionists, including Rep. Chuck Edwards (R-NC), who recently introduced legislation – the Stop Pot Act – to withhold federal funding to those who live in states or on tribal lands that permit the adult-use of marijuana.

As Congress attempts to avoid a government shutdown, members of both chambers are also considering including cannabis-related amendments in multiple must-pass appropriations bills. Already, the Senate has added language in the National Defense Authorization Act to prevent intelligence service employees from being denied security clearances for past cannabis use. Both chambers have approved provisions in the Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies (MilCon/VA) spending bill that will, for the first time, allow Veterans Affairs doctors to recommend medical cannabis to their patients in accordance with state laws. 

On the other hand, the House Rules Committee just blocked amendments that sought to end cannabis testing for federal job applicants and waive disqualification of military enlistees for positive cannabis tests. 

But there are many more spending bills and associated cannabis amendments coming up. And when they do, NORML will be ready. We are also getting closer to hearings on other stand-alone legislation as well, and we expect additional marijuana-related bills to be introduced in the very near future.

It’s critical that you take action now and contact your elected officials in support of these efforts.

We expect big gains in the weeks ahead. With your support, we can keep moving the ball forward in an unprecedented manner. Can NORML count on you?

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