NBA star Kevin Durant is teaming with Weedmaps to create content that focuses on reducing old fashioned stigmas around marijuana via his company, Boardroom.

Weed is still banned from the NBA, however the organization hasn’t suspended anyone for its use since 2018, when Thabo Sefolosha was booted out of the season. They have also quietly stopped their testing program for weed during the 2020 season and didn’t restart it in the 2020-2021 season.

So far, Durant has yet to speak on his own use, which seems rather essential in this fight. It’s one thing to want reform – it’s another to lead by example. Of course, there is the politics of being a member of the NBA that he’s certainly dealing with, but the pressure put on the organization if he came out as a marijuana smoker would be extremely effective.

Expect more videos and content to be released soon from this pairing.

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