Update: HB 472 was re-referred for further study. Lawmakers will not take further action of the measure this session.

Update: A hearing for HB 472 was held on Tuesday 4/11 at 1:30 PM.

Update: HB 472 has been introduced to the Senate and referred to committee.

Update: Members of the House of Representatives have passed HB 472. It now awaits action by the Senate.

House legislation is pending, HB 472, to permit qualified patients to cultivate their own medicine.

Under present law, qualified patients must purchase cannabis from one of a handful of state-licensed dispensaries.

House Bill 472 allows patients to cultivate up to two mature plants and up to 12 seedlings at one time.

Permitting patients the ability to grow their own personal use of cannabis assures that they have an uninterrupted supply of medicine. Passage of this measure is extremely important for those patients who lack means to reliable transportation or who do not have an operating dispensary in their area. 

Please use the pre-written letter below to contact your state elected officials and urging them to support this legislative effort. 

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