Update: Governor Kate Brown on April 17 signed SB 863 into law. The act took effect upon passage. You can read the full text here.

Update: Members of the House on 4/10 voted 53 to 5 in favor of SB 863. The measure now awaits action from Gov. Kate Brown.

Update: SB 863 will be heard by the House floor at 11am on Monday 4/3. If approved, the bill goes into effect immediately.

Update: SB 863 cleared the Senate and is now headed to the House.

Update: SB 863 was heard on Tuesday March 14.

Legislation is pending in the Senate, SB 863, to limit the federal government from acquiring data regarding adults and patients who legally purchase marijuana under state law.

The emergency legislation, which would take immediate effect, mandates that retailers and dispensaries do not maintain customers’ purchase and/or personal identification records beyond 48 hours.
Sponsors of the bipartisan measure say the privacy protections are in response to recent statements by the Trump administration with regard to a possible enforcement crackdown in adult use marijuana states. 
“I could see where the federal government would come in and try to gather this information from businesses that have stockpiled it and retained it in their records,” said Sen. Floyd Prozanski, one of the bill’s sponsors. “I think we as legislators have a duty to protect our citizens.”
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