It’s time for the Department of Justice to deliver the pardon certificates that President Biden promised last fall.

The President announced the issuance of marijuana-specific pardons on October 6, 2022 as part of a widely supported set of actions recognizing the folly of federal cannabis prohibition. Thousands of people with federal criminal records for simple marijuana possession are eligible for a pardon that would help them obtain employment, housing, education, and more.

Unfortunately, more than three months later, the Department of Justice pardon website indicates that the applications to obtain a pardon certificate are still unavailable.

Please ask the White House to direct the Department of Justice to open the application process without any further delays.

A Presidential pardon does not expunge a criminal record. Still, the pardon certificate can go a long way toward helping someone with a conviction to avoid the many collateral consequences associated with a criminal record and live a more fulfilling life.

Many of the people who are eligible for these pardons have been waiting years for relief. They shouldn’t have to wait any longer.

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