­Former NFL running back Ricky Williams, a prominent advocate for the use of cannabis and psychedelics, has expressed his optimism about the league’s evolving stance on cannabis but hopes the NFL will take a further step by allowing teams to treat players with marijuana after games.

The NFL made significant changes to its marijuana policy in 2021, reducing testing frequency and decreasing penalties for positive tests. Ricky Williams, who faced multiple suspensions during his career due to substance abuse policy violations, believes the league is moving in the right direction.

However, Williams contends that players could benefit greatly if they were encouraged to use cannabis as an alternative to pills for post-game recovery. He envisions a scenario where team trainers offer players options like Ambien and Vicodin for pain relief on the plane ride home after a game, with cannabis being a viable addition to the list.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Williams emphasized that football players often endure pain and have difficulty calming down and sleeping after intense games. He believes that offering cannabis as a recovery option could be beneficial for players’ well-being.

Ricky Williams, who recently legally changed his name to Errick Miron, has been a longstanding advocate for the benefits of cannabis, particularly in managing mental health. His lifestyle brand, “Highsman,” has been making strides in the cannabis industry, promoting the positive effects of the plant.

Williams believes that cannabis can genuinely help people feel better and is eager to contribute to changing perceptions surrounding its use. While the NFL’s shift towards a more lenient cannabis policy is a positive step, he hopes that the league will consider further integration of cannabis into player recovery protocols.

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