Representative Scott Peters had a press conference outside of the University of California at San Diego this week, and during that press conference, he showcased some legally bought gummies to show how easy it is for the public to get their hands on THC, while scientists looking to research the plant must weed through countless hurdles.

“Every consumer, every doctor, wants to know what the effect of these products actually is,” said Peters.

He is the co-sponsor of a bill introduced in July that would allow universities to get their marijuana from state-legal dispensaries in order to conduct research. This would open the door for much more research to be done.

It’s a much needed step to pass for the United States, unfortunately it’s packaged in a bill with an overly campy gimmick of a name: the Developing and Nationalizing Key Cannabis Research Act (or, the DANK act).

There’s lots of support for this bill, especially since it doesn’t have any language directed towards federal legalization.

It’s also encouraging to see a politician actually handling the substance, instead of just speaking about its power from a few arms lengths away. The real question is, what did Representative Peters do with the weed gummies after the press conference?

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